Venetian Plaster Products & Styles

The looks and style of Venetian plaster can vary depending on the desired look of the designer or homeowner. The ranges of styles are from smooth mirror marble like finish, to soft velvety texture, to coarse granular pitted stone textures. There are over 100 colors available, and if those are not the right color than we can custom match to your color.  We will describe 4 basic styles, which can be altered to your specific licking.

Fine finish: smooth to the touch, has a mirror like finish. Much like real marble.  It can be tinted to bright vibrant colors or to warm earthy tones.

Old world:  Like the fine, but a little less formal. And it has longer burnishing lines. Old world can be achieved with several different aggregates giving each a distinct appearance.

Ks: This has a soft velvety feel. Depending on how it is finished it can have subtle lines or drastic light to dark variations in color. 

Course smooth: Has the texture of pre-cast concrete.

Antico tattoo: Has a look like pitted stone.  This look is company favorite.

Dune:  It’s not a Venetian plaster but rather a Decorative architectural trowel-on coating metallic faux paint with stunning metallic patterns. The faux effects achieved with this product remind of ancient tissues and are perfectly suitable for decoration of interior walls in classical and modern environments. Faux product, Dune is odorless, completely a-toxic and water-based.  If this sounds interesting to you Please ask us for more info.

There are many variations to these styles.  Some of which are methods are unique to the artistry of M.R.A. Builder.  So if there is a look you desire, ask.  We may be able to make it happen. 

“One remarkable trait our plaster has is its natural anti-mold capability.”

“A quality Venetian plastered wall or room can bring a look to a room like no other finish.  It can add elegance that is unmatched.  Or a warmth like no other.”