Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is Venetian Plaster?

A: Simply stated Venetian Plaster is an ancient building material which originates with lime and marble. Lime that can be brought up to a high polish, low polish, matte finish, and smooth to the touch. It can also have a granular texture. The term Venetian plaster also can refer to the method of application. Natural lime plasters have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians and peoples of Antiquities. Originally, they were strictly used for the protection of structures. The Venetians took it to another level. They added natural pigment to add a decorative use both interior and Exterior.

Q: Do I need to remove the existing wall surface (drywall or plaster)?

A: No, as long as the surface is in sound condition we can apply the Venetian plaster over it.  This way the consumer can change the look of an entire room or wall with out all the added time and money of extensive demo.

Q: How Much will it cost?

A: The cost is typically done, by the square foot.  There are a few factor that make up the square foot cost, how many sq. ft. the level of flatness of the existing wall, is the plaster being applied on a wall or ceiling, and the type of finish required are some of the factors.

Q: How many color choices are available?

A: There are over 100 colors to choose from, and if they are not satisfactory we can have the plaster color matched to a sample.