We Want To Be Your Construction and Plaster Team.

Why choose M.R.A. Builder to be your construction and Venetian Plaster specialist? First we strive to bring to our customers the quality they deserve, use the finest plaster products available. Most other applicators use synthetic plasters, basically thick paint. The product we use is a natural plaster the same as used by the Venetians of old. But just having a quality product does not mean you will get a quality job. A quality plaster job is done by plaster craftsman. Other applicators of Venetian plaster are really painters and faux finishers who thought they would give plaster a try. Hand on Venetian WallWe on the other hand have been doing plasterwork for over 10 years. The advantage we have comes from our experience in working with a trowel, which is how true Venetian plaster should be applied. We can get the wall flatter and smoother which is key to a quality Venetian plaster Job. We are also experience with general construction. So we can help in orchestrating and the scheduling of the project, helping it finish at a timely rate, and keep from having to redo work, ending in extra expenses.